About Us

Tom and Lynn Ronan have been owners of The Maids for 10 plus years.  Tom’s corporate leadership background helps ensure that The Maids of is a continuing recipient of  The President’s Club Award for Outstanding Service.  Lynn’s background as a registered nurse helps to instill attention to detail and thoroughness, for  which The Maids is known.

Tom & Lynn Ronan – Owners

lynn-ronanLynn Ronan – Owner Since opening The Maids in 2003, Lynn’s personal mission has always been to provide the absolute best service to her customers each and every time. Her background as a registered nurse drives her to be extremely detail-oriented and meticulous in everything she does.You can be sure that your home is in good hands, because Lynn takes care of everything as if it were hers.



 The Staff:



Corrine – Office Manager

Quick and coordinated, Corrine has worked at The Maids for 3 years. She heads operations and organizes the teams, matching them up with customers’ homes to make sure all our cleans run on schedule. When you need to call us to add that extra clean right before the in-laws drop by, she’ll find a spot on the schedule for you, so your house can be spotless.

Corrine also handles our billing department. Our customers’ credit card and personal information is stored in our password protected system, which Corrine uses to record payments and receipts after each clean. Corrine says her favorite thing about The Maids is working with our wonderful teams to help customers manage their homes.


Daniela – Customer Relations Manager

Daniela has worked at The Maids for 6 years. She started as a Field Manager and quickly became an invaluable member of the office staff.

Daniela is patient and good at finding resolutions to any problem. She can meet with you for a Free In Home Estimate to take a look at your home and explain how our teams work. Working with you, she will create a custom Regular Maintenance Schedule or First Time Clean that fits your budget.

Since beginning her work as Customer Relations Manager, Daniela has helped us add more than 100 names (and faces) to our list of loyal customers who use our services on a regular basis. She takes pride and satisfaction in knowing we provide great, quality service.


Jhennyfer & Jane – Field Managers

Great at working with team members and customers alike, Jhennfyer & Jane are our Field Managers. They train each new employee in our patented 22 Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System, and stop in periodically to inspect homes while teams are working, to ensure your home is cleaned according to your satisfaction.

Each week, they lead a meeting for all employees, to review our policies and safety standards. Our Field Managers are great motivators, able to keep up our team spirit even on the busiest days. They help us ensure that we deliver quality service on every clean.


Sarah – Office Assistant

With a background in customer service and logistics, Sarah joined the team in 2009 to help us handle an increase in business as more customers signed on for Regular Service. Her organizational and technical skills allowed us to create and coordinate additional teams. Because we have several teams working each day, it means we’re always likely to have a team in your area, and gives us the flexibility to better accommodate an arrival time that suits your needs.

Sarah is currently going to school for her Masters degree Monday through Wednesdays so she works in the office each Thursday and Friday, handling all the extra tasks that a growing small business runs into. Sarah makes sure our vehicles are running smoothly and all our records are in order and up to date. She works behind the scenes to ensure everything goes smoothly with your clean.

Our Teams


We have eight teams of amazing ladies cleaning each day, Monday through Friday. Their day starts at 8:30am, when they arrive at the first house.   They work quickly and carefully through about 6 homes each day. Each team is headed by a team leader who receives a custom set of instructions tailored to your home. She assigns team members to appropriate tasks before starting her own cleaning duties, and inspects for quality as the team is finishing up. An assistant on each team helps ensure the team has all their supplies, and all vacuums and equipment are running properly.   Whenever possible, each team is assigned to a zip code, which ensures that the same team of people cleans your home each time. This allows us to better tailor our cleans to your preferences and requests. Many customers tell us they look forward to seeing their favorite friendly team leader each time. Our team members are the heart of our company. They work tirelessly each day to provide you with a seriously clean home and a shining smile.


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